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Improving the livelihood of smallholder farmers

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Our Approach
The Syngenta Foundation operates across product streams following a pipeline approach.
Our current streams are :
Farmers’ Links to Markets, which includes Farmers Support Services (FSS) and digital decision tools (ICT); you'll find more about these under headings such as "Smallholders - Bangladesh" and "Qorichacra", as well as on www.farmforce.com .

Risk Management and Financial Inclusion for smallholder farmers, implementing and scaling up affordable agricultural insurance products and risk transfer mechanism to access credit; Our main page on this topic is called "Agricultural Insurance".

Access to Seeds, which includes investments in plant breeding and technology transfer of new varieties to smallholders; our "Seeds2B" pages tell you more.
Running across these three, and feeding into each of them, is our work in R&D and in Policy.
Research & Development includes, for example, the projects listed in the vertical navigation under "Tools".
Our initiatives in the Policy area feature on pages such as "Agricultural Integration" and under Seeds2B. Our many publications and presentations appear under "Documents" in the horizontal navigation.  
The groupings by "Tools", "Knowledge" and "Opportunities" are historical. They will be replaced when our new website becomes available in the near future.  
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